Founded by #1 Korean-Seattle news site goal is to be the bridge between two cultures in the Pacific Northwest.

A fact that is commonly ignored in learning a foreign language is that language and culture are inseparably linked. An american with excellent knowledge of the Korean language could still have a most difficult time communicating with a korean, and that may stem from his/her difficulty in grasping the Korean' frame of reference. is an online media website started upon the great needs of Seattle’s Korean community. It contains two principles which are ‘Korean News Network’ and ‘Korean News and –‘. In Korean, it means ‘within Korean news’.

Although SeattleN was ranked in the first place among many different online news websites within the greater PNW, it was still limited to the 1st generation Korean immigrants. To break down the borders between the different generations within the Korean/American population. KnewsN provide translated news content for all generations and culture.

KnewsN, with its two main principles, will abide by its extraordinary standards to provide detailed information about Korea and Korean/American community and work as a bridgehead for Koreans and the Korean/American community to enter the mainstream of the media.

KnewsN is open to anyone who has interest in the Korean community or Korea in general. To report or ask questions about the PNW Korean community, please email us at

Excited for this new journey to building culture of unity.

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