South Korean Soccer players changed uniform to fool swedish team spy

KnewsN 06/19/2018 12:29 Read : 1,711
There’s a scene in one of the Mighty Ducks films where a player switches jerseys with the keeper in order to trick the opposing side.

While most people would roll their eyes at such a blatantly flagrant breach of the rules, a similar occurrence has actually happened in lead up training sessions ahead of the World Cup.

Sweden coach Janne Andersson has employed a spy to watch South Korea’s training sessions; the South Koreans attempted to foil this by swapping players jerseys and numbers in order to trick the spy. The reasoning: “It’s very difficult for westerners to distinguish between Asians”, according to coach Shin Tae-yong.

Andersson has been unapologetic about his techniques, however did admit “it’s very important that we show respect for opponents, always and in every way. If it has been perceived in another way, we apologise.”

When asked by the Washington Post whether they plan to employ any more hidden tricks to confuse the Swedes, Tae-yong. replied: “Hidden tricks are only hidden tricks if they are hidden.”

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